• Premium Product Promise – Chapter 1 – Brewdog!

    The Infamous ‘Pilot’

    Here at Tipple & Toast we have a ‘Premium Product Promise’ and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you choose to hire a mobile bar from us. It’s something we haven’t advertised a great deal but something that’s been at the heart our model since the beginning. From 100% blue agave tequila, (no need to ‘shot’, although feel free) to a beautiful dark rum that’s perfect for your Cuba Libre (rum and coke!).

    So, as part of this promise, I’ve decided to give a little insight to each one of our products by producing a mini ‘blog series’… Let’s call it a ‘blogeries’… No? Not cool? Ok. Anyway, each post will explore one of our products by explaining what it is and why we decided on it in the first place. From the title, I’m sure you can guess which one we’re going to start with!

    What I love about Brewdog is watching people’s faces when they try their first pint. It’s a mixture of amazement and enlightenment. This may be a touch too far, but I’m pretty sure it changes people’s lives (picture the famous ‘mind blown’ meme). When hiring out our mobile bar, I’m yet to meet someone that doesn’t like it! Craft beer is somewhat of a young concept in Britain and many people are still stuck in their ways with traditional real ales and cheap lagers. Well, we’ve truly bought into Brewdog’s ‘Craft Beer Revolution’.


  • We wish you a Happy Easter

    Enjoy an adult Easter cocktail!


    Easter is upon us! Which in short, means it’s time to treat ourselves 🙂 (It also means the kids are off school and they’ll soon be covered in chocolate and running around on a sugar high… So an alcoholic Easter cocktail is likely to be music to your ears!)

    Experimenting with cocktails is one of our favourite things to do at Tipple and Toast, so we couldn’t miss the opportunity to create an over indulgent chocolatey treat to share with you. We have named it…’The Choc-cup Shake’


  • Valentines Day Cocktails – Battle of the sexes!

    With Valentine’s Day just around the corner of tonight’s sleep, we’ve been using it as a bit of an excuse to conduct a social experiment…..at our last meeting we decided to set Mark and Laura the task of designing a cocktail that they would like to receive on Valentine’s Day! Would there be a huge difference between the sexes we wondered? I’m guessing you won’t be too surprised when we tell you that yes, there was a clear difference between the two, but also it was very interesting to see how differently they both went about it!

    Ever wondered what men really want from a Valentines day cocktail? Well, here’s your answer according to Mark….BEER!!


  • You CAN enjoy a tipple in Jan!

    We have the answer to guilt free cocktails this month!


    So, the festivities have finished, the decorations have come down and we’re all feeling slightly lethargic with the January blues setting in. We feel pressure to get those running trainers out and feel ashamed if we let anything but green leaves pass our lips…but guess what, we have a tip or two to get you through.

    It’s no secret that at Tipple and Toast we love a cocktail and we’re ‘top dollar’ at making them too! All you have to do is hire us and we’ll make your cocktail dreams come true (Yes, this might sound cheesy but there’s no other way to put it…we will! And the rhyming just happened by lucky chance!)