• Our mobile bar: An overdue update!

    So I wanted to write this blog post as a little update as to what’s happening in the world of Tipple & Toast: The horse box mobile bar! As you can see there’s been a distinct lack of website posting recently. This is simply because of our lack of time… Don’t’ get me wrong, this is a good thing as it means we’re extremely busy. With 2017 almost completely booked out it’s been, and will be, a great year for us.


  • Heston’s first double wedding!

    More mobile bar touring!

    And once again we’ve been incredibly busy and the bank holiday was the perfect weekend for a double wedding. Heston, our mobile bar, visited the lovely village of Hoveringham in Nottingham on Saturday. The very next day he went up to Lancashire for an intimate day 2 wedding celebration. Heston was truly in his element with a Tipi set up next to him in an open field.


  • Our Mobile Bar in Yorkshire

    Heston on Tour: Mobile Bar in Yorkshire

    Wow, we’ve been incredibly busy over the last couple of weeks and that’s mostly likely why this blog post is a little late! We completed our first event (Hurrah!) and from the title, ‘Mobile Bar in Yorkshire’, I’m sure you can guess where in the country we went…but to be specific, it was a lovely, picturesque village hall in Thixendale, Yorkshire. (more…)

  • Creating a Vintage Mobile Bar in Nottingham

    Project Heston Restoration – Our Mobile Bar in Nottingham!

    Creating our vision for a vintage mobile bar in Nottingham has been a very exciting journey and last weekend was the big push to get Heston ready for serving the best drinks around! So what have we been up to? Here’s an exclusive low-down on how we have transformed Heston the horse box into a fabulous vintage bar – and if we do say so ourselves we think he’s now, by far, the best looking mobile bar in Nottingham…..if not the world! (can you tell we’re rather proud of ourselves?!)


  • Celebrate with Champagne Cocktails!

    Let’s drink champagne cocktails

    and dance on the tables!

    Happy New Year everyone! With all the New Year celebrations it’s got us thinking about the best drinks to have when celebrating that big occasion. At Tipple & Toast we do love a good glass of ice cold champagne, it definitely can’t be beaten when it comes to pushing the boat out for that special event. Not only that, we are huge fans of a tasty cocktail, and let’s face it, who isn’t?! Cue sophisticated decadence, combine the two and voilà!…here’s our take on the top 3 champagne cocktails: (more…)

  • Heston the Horsebox Bar Arrives!

    “Happy birthday Heston, our very own horsebox bar!”

    Today saw the arrival of Heston at Tipple & Toast HQ! We are so excited to get our horsebox bar conversion underway and ready for Spring bookings next year.

    For those of you who don’t know much about horse boxes (we didn’t until we started searching for one!) Heston is a Beaufort Double Rice Horse Trailer. Rice has been building horse trailers since 1932 and, the classic look of their horse trailers has changed little over time. Hand-built on a fully welded, hot dipped galvanized chassis, Rice’s trademark aluminum roof and body panels are instantly recognizable and we think this gives Heston a unique edge as a horsebox bar.


  • In The Beginning…

    “Our Vintage Mobile Bar Adventure Begins!”

    The idea of starting our own vintage mobile bar, Tipple & Toast, was born shortly after our own wedding. Having opted for a DIY wedding, we spent 12 months planning every detail of our special day, determined to make it as relaxed and personal to us as possible. The setting was a picturesque village hall close to where we lived and only two minutes walk away from the church we were married in. We chose a rustic country theme to complement the setting and spent hours trawling the internet for ideas to match our vision for the day. Looking back at our day, we really wouldn’t change a thing, it truly was the best day of our lives! That said, we also remember the stresses involved in the planning and organisation leading up to the day, all be it, a hazy memory now, completely outweighed by the amazing day itself.