You CAN enjoy a tipple in Jan!

We have the answer to guilt free cocktails this month!


So, the festivities have finished, the decorations have come down and we’re all feeling slightly lethargic with the January blues setting in. We feel pressure to get those running trainers out and feel ashamed if we let anything but green leaves pass our lips…but guess what, we have a tip or two to get you through.

It’s no secret that at Tipple and Toast we love a cocktail and we’re ‘top dollar’ at making them too! All you have to do is hire us and we’ll make your cocktail dreams come true (Yes, this might sound cheesy but there’s no other way to put it…we will! And the rhyming just happened by lucky chance!)

The words ‘Dry January’ don’t come naturally to us, and if they did, Heston probably wouldn’t be too pleased. So don’t worry if the event you’re planning requires sophisticated elegance with half the calories over the next few months; as we’re a vintage mobile bar with a plan.

We have whipped up and chosen our top 3 low calorie cocktails. I must say it was an extremely joyful piece of research to carry out:


  1. Limoncello Fizz!
Limoncello Fizz

Limoncello Fizz

If you have ever visited Italy you will hopefully have an appreciation for the wonder that is Limoncello. Mainly produced in Southern Italy this sweet and zesty liqueur is sure to get your taste-buds going. And when coupled with sparkling, refreshing champagne it’s sure to get the party going too! At only 105 calories per glass there’s no guilt attached. We love serving champagne, so one of our top 3 low calorie cocktails had to feature this delectable ingredient. We believe it would be a fabulous and memorable twist on the arrival drink at any wedding or party! And whilst we’re talking ‘Limoncello’ we can’t forget to mention that if you’re looking for alcoholic miniature wedding favours then please get in touch…


Tipple and Toast go above and beyond the usual vintage mobile bar and homemade Limoncello is just one in a long list of miniature wedding favours that we can provide…presented in the cutest little bottles you’ve ever seen with a personalised tag, we just love them!


  1. Hot Mojito Tea!
Hot Majito Tea

Hot Mojito Tea

Yes that’s right… good old British breakfast tea mixed with a classic cocktail combination for an intriguing ‘winter warmer’ delight.  And a mere 87 calories. This one is so tasty you won’t want to go back to the usual ice cold calorific Mojito clocking in at around 200 calories. We couldn’t stop sipping away and the sound of ‘mmmmm’ and ‘ahhhhh’ lasted right until the last few drops! If you’re planning one last winter party and wondering what to serve then look no further. This is one great conversation starter that will have everyone coming back for more on a chilly evening!



  1. Apple and Cinnamon Spritzer!
Apple & Cinnamon Spritzer

Apple & Cinnamon Spritzer

Well anything served in a sugar rimmed Martini glass is for most of us, very hard not to love. There is so much inventive skill and imagination applied to this ingenious mix…you’ll never forget your first! And the best thing – at an astonishing 58 calories you won’t have to stop at one! Screaming sophistication and oozing winter flavours we think this little green gem deserves to be taken seriously; despite its extremely low score on the calories front it can sure pack a punch!





And there it is, proof that the party can still go on in January. Music to our ears! Tipple and Toast would be delighted to discuss any cocktail ideas that you have for your party or event…individually personalised drinks packages can be tailored specially to your needs and tastes. We’re here to inspire you but the decision is yours. It’s your party and you can drink what you want to!


(Photographed by myself, before the tasting commenced to minimise blurring!)

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