Celebrate with Champagne Cocktails!

Let’s drink champagne cocktails

and dance on the tables!

Happy New Year everyone! With all the New Year celebrations it’s got us thinking about the best drinks to have when celebrating that big occasion. At Tipple & Toast we do love a good glass of ice cold champagne, it definitely can’t be beaten when it comes to pushing the boat out for that special event. Not only that, we are huge fans of a tasty cocktail, and let’s face it, who isn’t?! Cue sophisticated decadence, combine the two and voilà!…here’s our take on the top 3 champagne cocktails:

1: Buck’s Fizz

16149494725_fc21a456ec_mYes, yes I can hear you all groan at the obvious choice here, but bear with me just a few minutes and I think I might have you convinced as to why this beauty deserves the top spot on our list of champagne cocktails! Firstly, what says ‘British vintage’ better?! After all we are a vintage mobile bar! The original Buck’s Fizz is said to be named after the founder of Buck’s Club, a Private Gentlemen’s Club in London in which this wonderful concoction was invented in 1921. Although, what we know as ‘Buck’s Fizz’ today, is not quite the original cocktail. This can only be found at Buck’s Club in London, where the recipe is supposedly highly guarded. Since it is a private gentlemen’s club, I doubt many of us will get the chance to sample the original recipe but I do love a bit of mystery served on the side of a classic drink! In my opinion, there is a reason this understated drink is traditionally served on Christmas morning as well as a welcome drink at weddings; because we all love a reliable classic that goes down easily at any time of day. So here’s to a vintage and a British classic!

2. The French 75

So called be6032258723_3082cafc4f_mcause it has the kick of a French 75 mm field gun, this cocktail deserves nothing but respect and should definitely not be taken lightly! Hence, it makes it to our second place spot. A combination of gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and champagne, this is a love/hate concoction that will either have your taste buds fizzing with euphoric joy or screaming for mercy. A top tip with this one is to select your gin and champagne carefully….some top-notes will compliment each other, while others will be a nuclear disaster waiting to happen! If you can bear the potential fallout keep experimenting with this one until you find your perfect match, it really is worth it.


3. The Champagne Flamingo

Ok, so I coChampagne Cocktail Flamingo Strawsuldn’t have a top three without a pretty pink option! Also the name gives me an excuse to buy some fabulous flamingo cocktail accessories….like these amazing straws available at www.etsy.com. Please somebody order this cocktail for your next event just so I can use them!

Vodka, Campari and Champagne get shaken together to make one of the stronger Champagne cocktails out there. The bitter edge of the Campari works wonderfully with the dryness of the Champagne. A stunning cocktail to look at as well, there’s really no reason not to love this pretty little number!

So there we have it! The top three champagne cocktails according to Tipple & Toast. We hope you all have an amazing 2016 and don’t forget to get in touch if you’ve got any events coming up this year, we can provide all of the above cocktails and more (cute novelty straws included if you are so inclined…..go on be inclined!). Check out our events packages for more details.

(Images by Denis Dervisevic, Shari’s Berries and Didriks www.flickr.com)

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