Heston’s first double wedding!

More mobile bar touring!

And once again we’ve been incredibly busy and the bank holiday was the perfect weekend for a double wedding. Heston, our mobile bar, visited the lovely village of Hoveringham in Nottingham on Saturday. The very next day he went up to Lancashire for an intimate day 2 wedding celebration. Heston was truly in his element with a Tipi set up next to him in an open field.

The weather stayed beautiful throughout, blue skies and not a cloud in sight. What a better way to enjoy this beautiful weather than to serve up some great cocktails from our mobile bar!

On the menu:

Mojito – Our signature cocktail, Yum! I can still smell the fresh mint and rum now! Everyone surely enjoys a Mojito and they proved to be incredibly popular over these 2 days.¬†Want to make your own? Jamie’s got you covered, check out the recipe here.

Bloody Mary – A special request came in for this cocktail on Sunday. Although not one we’d usually put on the menu, they turned out great! Worcestershire and Tabasco sauce aren’t ingredients you’d usually associate with a traditional cocktail, never mind the salt and pepper seasoning! But like everything, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

French 75 – A true wedding cocktail. A cocktail thats topped with sparkling wine is always going to be popular on a wedding day. There is only one word for how these taste… Heavenly!¬†

Stay tuned for our next outing! We’re off to Devon next weekend for another wedding. We like to think here at Tipple & Toast that our mobile bar really will travel anywhere! We’re looking forward to it already :)!


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