Our Mobile Bar in Yorkshire

Heston on Tour: Mobile Bar in Yorkshire

Wow, we’ve been incredibly busy over the last couple of weeks and that’s mostly likely why this blog post is a little late! We completed our first event (Hurrah!) and from the title, ‘Mobile Bar in Yorkshire’, I’m sure you can guess where in the country we went…but to be specific, it was a lovely, picturesque village hall in Thixendale, Yorkshire. This was a fantastic event with some great people who all seemed to love Heston! The bride and groom, Flick and Steve, were over the moon with Heston’s service as you can see… On our Facebook Page!


Menu - Mobile Bar in Yorkshire

Custom Menu – Mobile Bar in Yorkshire

“A trendy vintage bar on wheels, what’s not to love?
Both Laura and Stuart were great from our first enquiry to packing the bar away at the end of the night.
Heston played a big part in our little day and loads of the guests commented on how great the bar and service was.
A Massive thanks guys

‘Steve (The Groom)’


“Awesome bar with super service. You should hire them right now!! X”

‘Flick (The Bride)’

We couldn’t be happier with the comments and it’s exactly the response we hoped for from our first event! We arrived with our mobile bar in Yorkshire with plenty of time to spare, and had fun trying to get Heston into place in the small village hall car park….we’ve learnt we’re masters at manoeuvring a horsebox into small spaces! The first thing we needed to do was give Heston energy…(We have both a 50m extension cable and a generator so we’re covered even if your event is in the middle of a field) We pulled out the 50m extension cable and plugged him in, luckily only needing 10m of it, as we were so close to the village hall. Heston comes to life, the fridges awaken and the beer cooler becomes ice cold, PERFECT!

First Customers - Mobile Bar in Yorkshire

Laura, Jim and our first ever customers!

Load the fridges, beer lines in and we are ready to serve! Although we had a few nerves as we waited for our first customers, we really didn’t have to worry, we couldn’t have asked for a more friendly bunch. Our first EVER customers even took a selfie  in front of Heston and sent it to us to mark the occasion!

Steve was kind enough to offer half-price Jagerbombs (much to his guests delight)… These were definitely the best seller, but Brewdog’s Dead Pony Club wasn’t far behind with almost a whole keg gone by the end of the night! We had a lot of fun and got to enjoy a great live band, some amazing fish and chips by Dodson’s Fresh Catch and the BEST pork pie we have EVER tried (seriously! it was incredible!). Despite a dubious forecast, the weather even held out for most of the day with the worst of it thankfully passing by the time we arrived…Not that anything would have dampened the spirits of Flick and Steve’s guests :-)! After worrying we would get easily cold, it turns out it’s actually quite toasty inside Heston, even with the hatch down…no need for those thermals after all!

So ends the time of our mobile bar in Yorkshire.

Thanks for having us Flick & Steve!

(Main image and menu image by Ashley Nesbitt Photography – if you’re looking for a super friendly, professional guy who loves what he does then definitely take a look at his page!)

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